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Dragan Djilas announced negotiations with the Russians about building the metro line

The Mayer of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas announced that one delegation from Russia would be coming in January of the next year, in order to consider possibilities for building a metro line in the Serbian capital, and also for purchase of vehicles for city transportation and exporting of food to Moscow.

When talking about possible plans for construction of the easy rail metro in Belgrade, Djilas announced that in consultations with the experts from several European cities, they will choose the best solution for our capital city and he also pointed out that in this project "the politics should be left on the side" and best possible solution should be chosen.

Djilas announced that soon Belgrade will get representative office of the Chinese bank for development, which is also interested in building the metro and he estimated that it would be for the best that metro construction would be organized through inter state contract and credit loan which would be determined below market's conditions, which is with cheaper interest rates and payment conditions.

Belgrade's Mayer stressed out that this would be a big project, which would probably in the first phase cost more than a billion euros and would hire most of domestic construction companies.

- At this moment, it is most important to keep the working places in Serbia, and the state should influence at the employer to show at this crisis times minimum social responsibility and keep the profit race lower, he stated.


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